As a dedicated Sydney based property development company and proud member of The Urban Development Institute of Australia, CG Group has gained industry recognition through three fundamental principles; bringing high-quality urban design to life, develop and build with care and attention to detail, and design to achieve families’ unique aspirations.

For the past 20 years, CG Group’s director and senior executive team each bring significant personal industry experience to the company, consistently delivering high quality outcomes in many disciplines including project management, site procurement, project finance, land subdivision, voluntary planning agreements, land subdivision and medium density residential development. We pride ourselves on our current and past projects that have consistently exceeded the highest expectations of our valued clients.

About Us
About Us


“I have been thoroughly impressed by the team at CG. Their attention to detail, care and respect for the planning and design team throughout the Development Application process was immeasurable. they showed a willingness to work with all of the consultant team, Council and other stakeholders to ensure that the outcome was the best it could possibly be for the Chapman Gardens development. I wish them every success.”
Tom Goode
Ethos Urban Director Planning
“CG develop and build apartments and townhomes. They have been a pleasure to work alongside! PTW Architects are delighted to introduce the unique design of this project. The site is well-placed, within approximately 400m of the new train station, so it's going to be quite easy to get to and from home - for work, school, uni, entertainment and shopping…”
Siobhan McInerney
PTW Director
The Landscape Design Team at Urbis have always enjoyed our collaboration with CG on their Chapman Gardens development. Their vision for the project has been inspirational and will ensure an integrated design outcome which will provide the future residents multiple connections with nature and to the landscape setting. With PTW architects we have designed a series of external spaces which will provide a diverse range of high quality spaces that will facility a strong sense of community and connection. All the best for success on this and future developments.”
Mark Kuhne
Urbis Director
I first met Grace since in 2000 . Grace is a person of good character who when she and her family lived in Rhodes was very active in community development. Grace subsequently became a client of Coverforce Insurance Broking when she established a business. At the time I visited her on her sites at Asquith and met Nicholas from her builder N.I.C Constructions. I remember being impressed by the housekeeping and safety on these two sites. I more recently visited her on her current site and observed her ongoing commitment to safety and at the time commented on the quality of the scaffolding on site. Grace/CG Projects has been a client of Coverforce since her business was established. Grace listens to and accepts advise and complies with insurance requirements in respect of contract works, public liability etc. Most importantly I attest to Grace being a person of good character and someone I trust and respect.
Andrew Ferguson
Managing Director
“As new residents, my family and I are really impressed with the quality of the end result, the features and finishes selected and the meticulous attention to detail shown by CG Group’’
Surya L
Purchaser of 1 Citrus Avenue, Hornsby